Md's Message

We as a team always believed in providing services and things that the people would love to do again. This is we thought about entering the bakery/coffee shop & manufacturing unit business because this is something that the people love. The idea behind choosing thrissur was to blend our services and the traditional culture of thrissur in order to deliver an experience to the customers they have not felt before. As or name suggests we take great care to include only fresh quality fruits and food items for serving at everyday bakes. When it comes to the packing & manufacturing section environment friendly materials are preferred. 

I Express my gratitude to our dear ustomers who supported and still contonue to support us by providing precise feedbacks and suggestions so that we are able to improve our services to serve you better . I also appreciate the hard work done by our loyal employees for making this venture highly sucessful


It is our love of baking and providing people with fresf and unique food items that made us start Everyday bakes right in the heart of Thrissur. We like to think ourselves as one of the most preffered and demanded bakery in kerala Although we have started small, with time and the suppoert of all the people in thrissur we will grow into one of the most trusted bakeries in thrissur and reach new heights. To make it happen we have incorporated the latest technological measures and standards that ensure safety and quality of food items, Something unique than the others

Our Vision

Our Mission is to make and provide customers with freshly prepared food products every day we understand that every person values freshness and quality in food products. To keep ot that way, we bake innovative products that taste exceptionally good and unique. Every day bakes was started with the aim to create and deliver a satisfying bakery experience to the people of thrissur. What makes us special among the others is that we never compromise on our products , quality is what value to us the most

“Cake is happiness in an edible form”

John Lucas

Working hours

Weekdays : :8:00-18:30 Hrs
Sundays- 8:00-14:00

We are here

St.thomas College Rd
East Fort
Thrissur, Kerala 680005